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Ignored Discovery Phase?
No wonder why your CRM system is not working

What is Discovery Phase?

Discovery Phase is the first step and preparation for any software implementation. This is the first phase of the project, which includes analyzing the goals of the enterprise, searching for software depending on the business needs, and setting up all the processes and preparing them for automation.

CRMOZ discovery phase
discovery phase for implementation

What problems does Discovery Phase solve? 

  • Chaos Automation. Discovery Phase helps you properly automate and set up all business processes 
  • Risks and trouble spots. With the help of analytics you can detect and correct "pain points" and reduce risks
  • Project and budgetchanges. With Discovery Phase you can be sure of the length and budget of the project, as all processes will be set up without any delays
  • Implementation failure. 100% of our customers who refused Discovery Phase were not happy with the software after implementation

As a result, you get :

  1. A BPMN scheme that matches the processes in the company, taking into account all the software you use.
  2. The Terms of Reference document, which describes all the details and nuances.
  3. Gantt chart - a step-by-step implementation of the project, indicating the cost and term of each phase and project.
dicovery phase for CRM
why do you need discovery phase?

Why do you need Discovery phase? 

  1. Audit (Study) of existing BPs, creating new ones if necessary, working through the links and their shortcomings.
  2. Working throughthird-party integrations, studying APIs if necessary.
  3. Preparation of recommendations for software, server, sales funnel, subsequent add-ons and interactions, etc.

How do we conduct the Discovery Phase?

  1. Discussing your company goals
  2. Analysis of risks and pain points 
  3. Selecting software depending on the needs and goals of your business, as well as to close pain points and reduce risks
  4. Building the BPMN scheme and setting up business processes of all automations and integrations 
  5. Preparation of TOR and Gantt Chart with all the details, duration and an accurate estimate of the cost of the project
  6. Working out the API and preparing the final solution with the definition of programming languages, software, etc.
discovery phase for CRM
why the discovery phase for CRM is needed

Universal solution to implement any CRM!

Preparing for implementation is always a fundamental decision, something like developing a recipe for a perfume or a delicious dessert. After all, to get a delicious cake, you need the right ratio of ingredients. 
And most importantly, you can use this solution to implement any CPM system.

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