ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
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Comprehensive software for contract management

As we all know, risk is an integral part of any business, and with the recent pandemic, the emphasis on risk mitigation has become even greater. So immediately after the pandemic, many businesses began looking for options to protect them from defaults and contract management programs are becoming a major part of the solution. So what is the solution to this problem? Zoho Contracts!

Make it easier than ever

  • Prepared contract templates and the ability to create new templates
  • Built-in document editor with advanced features Zoho Writer.
  • Intuitive collaboration with features such as change tracking and comments.

Close deals in one day!

  • Provide controlled access to counterparty contacts via password-protected links.
  • Participate in multiple rounds of talks with ease, with notes, contextual comments, and version control features.
  • Get legally binding signatures in minutes with Zoho Sign

Reduce risks

  • The contextual obligations module in each contract ensures that no contractual obligation remains unfulfilled.
  • Add actions as one-time or recurring tasks and never skip commitments with reminders.
  • Track and fulfill commitments by delegating tasks to their respective business owners.

Get full control

  • Create your own approval workflows, both sequential and parallel.
  • Modify, renew, extend or terminate a contract with letter templates that record contract history and automatically detect and display current changes
  • Use analytics capabilities to extract valuable information from contract data.


Zoho Contracts offers a free version as well as two paid version options $50/year for the basic plan and $65/year for professionals, but Zoho Contracts is also included in the Zoho One app bundle ! You can access 45+ apps for the price of one CRM system!