ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration
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ZOHO CRM for small and medium businesses

The ZOHO Cloud Applications is a set of independent modules, each of which is responsible for specific business automation functionality. This flexible structure allows you to use only those tools that your business needs at the moment. This approach reduces initial investment and increases implementation speed. As the IT infrastructure of the company develops, the necessary modules are promptly connected.

Zoho Modules

Modular structure

ZOHO is a set of independent modules. Each is responsible for a specific function or process of your business. You use only the necessary modules as your business grows. The flagship product is Zoho CRM.

Seamless integration

The headache of all CIOs is the integration of heterogeneous applications and IT services, never caught up with those who chose Zoho products. Full integration with proprietary and bi-directional third-party applications. 

Full automation

Automation of all business processes from online marketing, including landing pages, forms, intelligent series of letters, and posts in social networks, to full-featured CRM that tracks the full life cycle of the client.

Return on investment

All Zoho products work out of the box for free in basic functionality. The paid versions have a free trial period. You can start implementing the product at no cost. The paid versions have flexible tariffication.

Quick modification

High usability and the ability to modify not only the structure of these applications but also algorithms to automate business rules, make Zoho products easily adaptable to today's requirements. The development team is constantly busy developing applications, often ahead of our customers' wishes.


All ZOHO applications will provide excellent tools for managing user rights, profiles and access at various levels. Each centurion receives only the information necessary for work. Corporate logins and passwords to services are stored in a secure storage. Dual authorization and access restriction by IP address is possible.

Friendly support

Several levels of support in chat, by phone, email or any messenger are provided by experienced CRMOZ specialists. We speak English, Ukrainian and Russian. We constantly maintain up-to-date documentation and training videos on our Youtube channel. Training of employees is conducted both online and live.

Risks reducing

All data and applications are stored in the cloud. This means that they are located on reliable foreign hosts and are protected from unauthorized access and destruction. The archiving function provides an additional level of protection. As a result, the company's IT infrastructure in such a case does not require maintenance by professional IT specialists.