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ZOHO for business
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CRMOZ - your guide to easy business automation

We are official partners of ZOHO Corp. which is one of the leaders in developing cloud-based business automation systems. We will help you integrate ZOHO applications that you need to grow your business right now, and make it scalable for future changes. We will save two major business resources - your investment and your time. Use only the tools you need now, and with the natural growth of your IT infrastructure we'll promptly connect additional modules and integrations.

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Our Services


Zoho software implementation and its complete customization to your business needs 


Integrate Zoho with the most popular programs (Shopify, Bigcommerce, MySQL, etc.)


Technical support, discovery phase, system audit and training of your employees

Zoho Advanced Partner

CRMOZ for you if


You are a small or medium-sized business looking to automate your business processes


You want to personalise ZOHO and use only the tools your company needs


You want to know how to make the most of ZOHO

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Modular structure

Use only the set of independent modules ZOHO that you need. We personalise the tools according to the needs and size of your company

Seamless integration

Get rid of the headache for all IT directors - integrating disparate applications and IT services. CRMOZ offers full integration of ZOHO with in-house and third-party applications

Full automation

Want to save time and manpower? ZOHO offers full automation of hundreds of processes from online marketing to full-featured CRM, tracking the full customer lifecycle

Zero financial risk

All ZOHO products run free of charge with basic functionality, while the paid versions have a free trial period and flexible tariffs

Quick modification

ZOHO Corp. is constantly developing innovative applications, and with the help of our team CRMOZ, you can change not only their structure, but also the algorithms for automating business rules


Information privacy is a priority, so everyone in your company using ZOHO applications will only get the information they need for their work. We also provide dual authentication, IP access restriction and username and password protection, MFA, GDPR, HIPAA standards

Friendly support

Our support team is available virtually 24/7 in all communication channels in English, Ukrainian and Russian. We are always ready to help!


All your company data will be stored in the cloud on secure  hosting, so you can forget about the risk of unauthorised access or deletion of information. Still worried? We offer additional protection - an archiving feature that will keep your data safe and secure.
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CRMOZ is based in Ukraine. Our team continues to work, not only to make things easier for companies around the world, but also to help our home country. We believe in a bright, high-tech future. Glory to Ukraine!

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