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Custom integrations

Need custom integration Zoho?

Write to us, we will complete the necessary integration in 5-8 days. Over the years of working with ZOHO CRM we have developed a whole range of useful business integrations. And now, after extensive real-world testing, we're ready to share with you reliable solutions for integrating Zoho products with other popular services:
  • Zoho CRM to Fondy
  • Zoho CRM to Biometric scanner
  • Zoho CRM to Barcode scanners
  • Zoho CRM to Blulogix
  • Zoho CRM to Clarizen
  • Zoho CRM To Podio
  • Zoho CRM to ApiX
  • Zoho CRM to Affise
  • Zoho CRM to RingCentral, Twilio
  • Zoho CRM to Calendly
  • Zoho CRM to Jira, ClickUp
  • Zoho CRM to EasyPost, UPS, USPS
  • Zoho CRM to e-com shopify, woocommerce, ebay, bigcommerce
  • Zoho CRM to Wordpress, Tilda, Magenta
  • Zoho CRM to Stripe
  • Zoho CRM To Authorize
  • Zoho CRM to Paypal
  • Zoho CRM to ClickSend integration
  • Zoho CRM to Affise accounts integration
  • Zoho CRM to Hubspot two-way integration
  • Zoho CRM и Magento - integration to synchronise data CRM and the popular online shop Magento
  • Zoho CRM and PowerBI - the unbeatable alliance of one of the world's best CRM with a powerful analytical tool - the key to accurate and timely business decisions
  • Zoho CRM and Unisender - a ready-to-use integration for sending sms messages
  • Zoho CRM and Facebook lead forms - take leads directly from Facebook lead forms: quick and low cost leads, records of contacts, transactions, buyer and supplier orders, invoices, customer referrals, products and more
  • Zoho CRM and ExpertSender - two-way integration with popular Email service
  • Zoho CRM and Binotel - reliable integration of one of Ukraine's most popular cloud PBX providers
  • Zoho CRM and Bitrix24 - a tool to import/export data from one CRM to another
  • Zoho CRM and AmoCRM - a tool to import/export data from one CRM to another
  • Zoho CRM and Asterisk - reliable integration of Asterisk virtual PBX-based telephony with the cloud CRM Zoho
  • Zoho CRM и Fondy - ready integration to receive payments by means of the system Fondy.ua
  • Zoho Inventory and delivery services - example of integration with Aramex delivery service - http://crmoz.com/blogs/post/Zoho_Inventory_Aramex
  • Zoho CRM and PayPall - integration with the PayPall payment system to accept payments
  • Zoho CRM and Privat24 - accepting payments at Privatbank
  • Zoho CRM and Webmoney - integration for accepting Webmoney e-money
Zoho extensions

Need a ready integration Zoho?

We have made many useful extensions for Zoho - Google Sheets, Bigcommerce, Email Checker, Shopify, Quote to Project, Google Routes, Currency Exchange Updator and many more!

Zoho CRM extensions

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