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Zoho One Apps


All Zoho apps in one package!

A single ecosystem for comprehensive business management! ZOHO One is a unique package offer from the company. More than 40 core modules integration with CRM, including finance, marketing, customer support, etc. for the price of one CRM. The package provides the fastest return on investment and has no competitors in the CRM market.

Zoho One Price

Price for all employees


/per staff member/ per month on an annual basis

For all employees of the company

Flexible pricing for users


/per staff member/ per month on an annual basis

For any number of users

Zoho CRM Plus apps


Zoho CRM plus

Provide an unforgettable customer experience with Zoho CRM Plus!

Zoho CRM Plus brings your sales, marketing, customer service, and any other customer-facing team together on one platform so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience to every customer. Unify business data, customer interactions, ROI and more, while keeping your customers at the center of everything you do!

Zoho CRM Plus Price

Price per month annually


/ per employee per month 

Price per month


/ per employee per month

Zoho Workplace Apps


The best team building application package

Work is evolving, and so are workspaces. Workspace unifies and centralizes your team's workspace, simplifies file storage and optimizes team communication.

Zoho Workplace Price

Standard package


/ per employee / per month on an annual basis

Professional package


/ per / per month on an annual basis

Zoho Finance Plus apps


Zoho Finance Plus

A single platform for all your back office needs

Zoho Finance Plus offers all the tools you need to streamline all your back office operations, from invoicing to order management and accounting.

Zoho Finance Plus Price

Price for 10 employees, with the possibility to add employees andadditional functions

Price per month annually


/ per 10 employees per month 

Price per month


/ per 10 employees per month

Zoho Marketing Plus apps


Zoho marketing plus

A unified marketing platform for marketing teams

Zoho Marketing Plus, a suite designed for teams of all sizes, brings all your marketing activities together on one platform. Engage your audience across multiple channels, increase your marketing ROI, and optimize your team's productivity.

Zoho Marketing Plus Price

Price per month annually


/ per employee per month 

Price per month


/ per employee per month

Zoho Zillium apps


Zoho Zilium

One place for your family

Zillum, Zoho's suite of apps specifically designed for the whole family, brings together apps for your family to create projects, organize information, and communicate securely.

Zillium Price

Three participants


per year 

75 GB (25 GB for e-mail storage for each participant)
500 GB of shared WorkDrive storage for the whole family

Five participants


per year
125 GB (25 GB for e-mail storage for each participant)
1 TB ofshared WorkDrive storage for the whole family

Ten participants


per year
250 GB (25 GB for e-mail storage for each participant)
2 TB of shared WorkDrive storage for the whole family
Zoho People Plus apps


Zoho People Plus

A single HR platform for a seamless employee experience.

With Zoho People Plus, you can provide your employees with an exceptional digital HR experience while managing the entire employee lifecycle on a single integrated platform. From building great teams to empowering them and keeping them engaged, we've taken care of it all.

Zoho People Plus Price

Price per month annually


/ per employee per month 

Price per month


/ per employee per month


Sales Apps

Zoho Mail free trial


Build online forms for your business

Zoho CRM free trial

Zoho CRM

Best sales management system

Zoho SalesIQ free trial


Website chat and visitor tracking

Zoho Bookings free trial


Scheduling online meetings with clients

Zoho Bigin free trial

Zoho Bigin

Ideal CRM system for small business

Zoho CRM Plus free trial

CRM Plus

One platform for sales management

Marketing Apps

Zoho Social free trial

Zoho Social

Social media management

Zoho marketing automation free trial

M. Automation

Full marketing automation 

Zoho Campaigns free trial

Zoho Campaigns

Automated mailing of letters to customers

Zoho Survey free trial

Zoho Survey

Automate surveys in your company

Zoho Sites free trial

Zoho Sites

A tool for building websites from scratch

Zoho Commerce free trial

Zoho Commerce

Build a website for effective online sales

Service Apps

Zoho Assist free trial

Zoho Assist

Remote support for your customers

Zoho Lens free trial

Zoho Lens

Remote consultation with AR functions

Zoho Desk free trial

Zoho Desk

Customer service portal

Finance Apps

Zoho Inventory free trial

Zoho Inventory

Automation of inventory management

Zoho Invoice free trial

Zoho Invoice

Creating multiple types of invoices

Zoho Books free trial

Zoho Books

Integrated financial management

Zoho Billing free trial

Zoho Billing


company billing

Zoho Expense free trial

Zoho Expense

Managing and accounting for your employees' expenses

ZohoFinance Plus free trial

Finance Plus

Platform for financial management

HR Apps

Zoho People free trial

Zoho People

Optimization and organization of HR processes

Zoho Recruit free trial

Zoho Recruit

A platform for recruiting the best team

Zoho Workerly free trial

Zoho Workerly


temporary workers

Analytics & Development Apps

Zoho Analytics free trial

Zoho Analytics

BI system for quality analytics

Zoho Creator free trial

Zoho Creator

Building a mobile application

Zoho Flow free trial

Zoho Flow

Building application integrations

Email & Collaboration Apps

Zoho Mail free trial

Zoho Mail

Corporate mail with your domain

Zoho Vault free trial

Zoho Vault

All accesses and passwords are under control

Zoho Meeting free trial

Zoho Meeting

Conduct interactive online meetings

Zoho Workdrive free trial

Zoho Workdrive

Organization of files è documents

Zoho Connect free trial

Zoho Connect

Unite your team on one platform

Zoho Workplace free trial

Zoho Workplace

A platform for increased productivity

Project Management & Legal Apps

Zoho Contracts free trial

Zoho Contracts

Website chat and visitor tracking

Zoho Projects free trial

Zoho Projects

Project Management Tool

Zoho Sprints free trial

Zoho Sprints

Planning tool for scrum teams

Try how our technical support works!

Zoho technical support
  • Our PM will be in touch with you throughout the day on your assignment
  • This package will suit those clients who understand exactly what tasks need to be completed. At the beginning of the day, the client sets a task to complete. The PM will estimate the number of hours to complete the task
  • If the task cannot be completed within the paid period, the client must buy additional time or choose another task
  • If the task can be completed in less than 8 hours, the client gives the following task to be completed
  • It is important to understand that the client should be in touch throughout the day to answer questions promptly or to test intermediate or final results.