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The best CRM - system for small businesses

With Bigin , small businesses can now manage their customer relationships more easily than ever. Do away with spreadsheets and replace outdated sales tools with Zoho Bigin !

Ready-made templates for any type of business

Choose from a variety of ready-made templates CRM for different types of businesses. No tedious customization required! Templates are a brilliant feature if you need a customized CRM, which gets right to the point.

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Multiple conveyors for customer operations

With the ability to create multiple pipelines with fully customizable stages, Bigin allows small businesses to perform their individual customer transactions in their CRM. The Bigin pipeline view allows users to view their customer information in the most visually appealing way and extend it to the entire customer journey.

Built-in telephony

With an integrated phone system that requires no hardware, you can make and receive calls, purchase phone numbers for your team, record phone calls, set up automatic voice responses and more to greatly improve the way you communicate with your prospects and customers. customers.

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Automate your routine

Bigin can do most of your daily activities for you. Just set up or schedule workflows and let Bigin automatically handle your daily activities. Sending welcome emails to new contacts? Adding a task to your to-do list? Don't worry, Bigin is in touch!

Be mobile

With Bigin, you never have to worry about missing appointments or important business when you're on the go. The Bigin sales apps for iOS and Android have been created with special attention to field sales representatives.

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Get the full context of the client

From emails to events and deals, all of your contact information is organized neatly and consistently in one place. With a complete overview of your contacts, you won't waste precious time searching for specific information when making a quick call or meeting with a potential client directly.

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