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ZOHO Partner
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration
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Why Zoho?

Ease of use

Instant data migration

Zia AI


Full customization



Powerful built-in analytics

What is implementation?

Implementation is the process of customizing a suite of Zoho software solutions for your business, tailored to the specific needs of your organization. This encompasses tasks such as software configuration and integration with your existing systems.

Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the entire implementation process, ensuring a seamless and successful experience! 

zoho implementation
CRMOZ Zoho implementation

Why Choose CRMOZ for Zoho Implementation?

  1. Complete process setup -You receive a comprehensive set of documents (BPMN, TOR, Gantt Chart) that remain valuable even after project completion. 
  2. Guaranteed support and after its completion within 10 working days
  3. Close collaboration - Your personal project manager ensures continuous communication between our teams throughout the project.
  4. Experienced professionals - Our CRMOZ team brings over 8 years of Zoho implementation expertise, ready to assist you in any aspect.
  5. Training and technical support - We offer training for your team along with ongoing technical support. 

How does a typical project look like?  

- Gathering your requirements
- 2-4 weeks, 4-8 interviews
- Identifying the optimal solution
- BPMN(Business Process Model and Notation)  workflow description, roles, matrix of permissions, database structure, app dependencies, mapping
- Roadmap and accurate Estimate 
1. Development and presentation of MVP (Minimum viable product)
2. Development of the following milestones
3. Testing, Tuning
4. Onboarding, manuals
Zoho Implementation partner

How do we work?

Zoho implementation process

 Whenever possible, we develop and test apps and integrations on dedicated test environments, such as demo accounts or sandboxes

Start implementing

What do you get as a result?

  1.  Comprehensive documentation detailing all the descriptions of your company's business processes
  2. Project Result Testing : Thorough testing of project results, encompassing technical testing conducted by a senior developer and business logic tests overseen by a project manager.
  3. Milestone and Project Guarantee: Guarantee provided after each milestone and for the project as a whole.
  4. Impeccable implementation of high-quality software, meeting the specified deadlines and accompanied by a warranty.
results of Zoho implementation
Zoho implementing CRMOZ

Still have doubts?

Book a free consultation with a representative of the CRMOZ team and we'll answer all your questions and help you find solutions for your business!




Ukrainian company

We are based in Ukraine and continue to work to help Ukrainian companies and support Ukraine


Zoho Official Partners

We closely monitor your project and promptly implement all necessary updates to Zoho programs 


Cohesive remote team

No need to hire ongoing support, we are always available to help with all your queries


Personal Project Manager

We assign a personal Project Manager to each project, so you'll always know who to contact


Continuous support 

We are always available to answer your questions, and our team is always with you during your project


Optimal price

We offer you excellent quality services at a price lower than our competitors and provide an additional discount for Ukrainian customers!

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