ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
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  • ZOHO One

ZOHO One is a unique package offer from the company. 40 basic CRM integration modules, including finance, marketing and customer support at the price of one CRM. The package provides the fastest possible return on investment. And it has no competitors in the CRM market.

ZOHO ONE - cloud ERP of 40 separate applications

It is possible to enumerate the features of ZOHO One package endlessly, let's stop at the key ones:

  • complete information about the client from the first touch to the issuing of a new account, developed means of communication with the client
  • Sales objectives, operational reporting, marketing and finance in one browser
  • contacts accounting, transactions, buyer and supplier orders, invoices, customer requests, products and more
  • the ability to create your own modules
  • automation of business processes CRM and related modules
  • integration with a huge number of in-house (35) and third-party applications
  • API for requirements that go beyond the existing functionality
  • Mobile version of all modules

Get the most out of your sales and back office with ZOHO products.
ZOHO CRM One - 35 CRM applications all round integration
ZOHO CRM One - unique set of tools for effective sales