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Unite not only your team, but also tasks, files and everything you need to work together smoothly. Automate workflows by creating bots, easily find all necessary messages, files, users and communicate transparently, efficiently and securely
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Work remotely

Seems impossible to build effective teamwork when working remotely? Zoho Cliq proves otherwise. Supervise your workers, have discussions and brainstorm thanks to virtual group calls, share your ideas with colleagues on a dedicated whiteboard right in the chat window and share your screen to show what you're currently working on

Be in touch

Communicate with colleagues wherever you are with Zoho Cliq mobile app. Stay in touch not only with your team, but also with your favourite Zoho apps, which the CRMOZ team effectively integrates
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Zoho Cliq Integration

If Zoho Notebook is not suitable for you to use in the workplace, there is an excellent alternative for team communication and collaboration - Zoho Cliq Integration. Previously, this real-time information exchange tool was called Chat. Platform users now have an expanded list of functionality and an easy-to-use interface to ensure effective and uninterrupted team collaboration.

Do you need effective support for automating business processes?

We offer customization of business automation solutions designed for effective messaging and process management within a company. As a manager, you will have the opportunity to communicate both one-on-one and in a group with equal participation in file sharing channels.

Many people are put off by having to purchase a subscription solely to create a communication channel. But we want to assure you that the Zoho platform allows you to use additional integrations with various applications and services, which greatly simplifies your workflow while increasing the efficiency of completing tasks. It allows users to connect and collaborate with popular applications such as Zoho mail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, GitHub and more. You will also have the ability to make use of audio and video calls, screen sharing, remote desktop access, and much more.

Contact us to find out more about the cost of setting up automated solutions

Zoho Cliq is a powerful tool for optimizing work processes and improving communication within a company. You can use it on any operating system of your PC (web application, android, ios, windows, mac, linux). Thanks to the availability of flexible functions for interaction between chat participants, integration with other applications, remote control capabilities and attractive pricing, the platform is an important asset for modern micro and medium-sized businesses.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of using Zoho Corporation tools and setting up business automation solutions for your team to effectively conduct business, leave a request on our website, or contact us in a way that is convenient for you. Our manager will provide you with all of the necessary information about the use of platform integrations, as well as the cost of implementing app for mac, service life, a set of built-in functionality and much more.