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Get discount for tech support!

You use Zoho but we are not your Partner? Just click the button, scroll down the page, click change the Partner, type in our code "CRMOZ4" and getadditional free hours of tech support! It won't influence your pricing plan and we will be able to solve your tech requests faster! 

Technical support bundles for your software

Make your software apps work like a Swiss watch with technical support from CRMOZ team.

You can choose a support bundle according to your needs or even create your own!

Medium Well
Well Done
Bundle features comparison
zoho support

Rare technical support bundle

Recommended for teams of 1-10 employees
​Support hours included per month: 10h 
CRM support

Medium technical support bundle

Recommended for teams of up to 30 employees
​Support hours included per month: 20h +
Medium Well
CRM technical support

Medium Well technical support bundle

Recommended for developing business
​Support hours included per month: 30h +
Well Done
zoho advanced partner

Medium Well technical support bundle

Recommended for 100 + employees (support+improvement)
​Support hours included per month: unlimited
Bundle features comparison

Technical issues

technical support crm

Response time

zoho technical support


zoho support


zoho education

One day journey with Medium Well bundle

Do you want to know how our technical support works? Try it yourself!
  • Our PM will be in touch with you throughout the day on your assignment
  • This package will suit those clients who understand exactly what tasks need to be completed. At the beginning of the day, the client sets a task to complete. The PM will estimate the number of hours to complete the task
  • If the task cannot be completed within the paid period, the client must buy additional time or choose another task
  • If the task can be completed in less than 8 hours, the client gives the following task to be completed
  • It is important to understand that the client should be in touch throughout the day to answer questions promptly or to test intermediate or final results.
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  • Prices do not include taxes and levies (e.g. sales tax and VAT) imposed by law.
  • Requests for technical support can only be sent by authorised contacts listed in the customer agreement.