ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration

The best solution for your team - Zoho Workplace!

Your office is where you are

Zoho Workplace lets you take your office suite with you wherever you go, accessing and working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Share documents with colleagues and get a quick review.

Zoho Workplace
Zoho Workplace implementation

Work together from anywhere

Hold meetings, conferences and webinars, and store, share and collaborate on files in your workspace, no matter where you are - all from Zoho Workplace apps.

One-click conversations 

Easily communicate with your colleagues using the business communication tools in Zoho Workplace. Share emails with your colleagues to reduce inbox clutter, follow them in chat, or initiate group discussions in forums.

Zoho workplace pricing

Applications included in the package Zoho Workplace

Zoho Mail


Secure email for your company. Connect your domain to your email address free of charge and protect your data, and our team CRMOZ will help you integrate the application in a quality way

Zoho Cliq


Do you want to significantly improve teamwork in your company? Then don't hesitate to join Zoho Cliq!
Zoho Workdrive


Create an overall safe space for your team to work effectively. Manage team processes and cover all phases of work - from idea creation to implementation.
Zoho Writer


A powerful word processor to make sure you have the power of words, and Zia's artificial intelligence to help check grammar and readability. Available on all devices, makes it easy to edit Microsoft Word documents, ideal for teamwork, integrates with WordPress, free, simple and straightforward

Zoho Sheet


Create and edit spreadsheets, automatically collate data into charts and graphs, easily analyse errors and customise calculation functions to suit your business needs - all in one application. Interactive, smart, powerful and free of charge.
Zoho Show


Make eye-catching presentations to communicate your ideas wherever you are. The app is available for all devices, has an intuitive and simple interface, over 100 templates for different designs and allows you to add interactive elements, photos, videos and infographics.
Zoho Meeting


Secure and easy to use online conferencing and webinar software. Improve collaboration and the work of teams working remotely, share your files online, discuss ideas, upload reports and record conferences.
Zoho Connect


Team Building? Easy! Create a corporate culture of communication for your team with the open, centralised Connect space at. Inform and engage your employees, encourage them to share and discuss ideas and build a cohesive team.

Integrate the best solution for your team today!