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Forbes about CRM: from Salesforce to Zoho

12.03.20 12:50 PM By Alexander

Which of the top 10 CRM is the best for your business? Gene Marks

CRM at an attractive price

You are looking for CRM- system for your company. But you're not quite sure what you're looking for. You're looking at a huge number of options. You are reading analytics about the best CRM systems, such as the recent report from 360Quadrantsand you're still not sure?

So, let me help you sort it out. My company implements software at CRM, including some of the products listed below - Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics. These are our favorite products, but the fact is, I would also like to sell each of the products listed below CRM. We just don't have the bandwidth to do it all. If you work with the right people and partners and are willing to invest in it, any one of the top ten CRM products listed in the 360Quadrants report is perfect for your business.

However, this does not mean that there are no differences that affect this choice. Customers may argue with my opinion below. But when potential buyers of CRM - mostly from small and medium companies - consider these options, I give them such recommendations.

Freshworks - You want CRM in a set of business applications.

Freshworks belongs to the trend (see also Zoho) of companies offering CRM modules as part of a set of applications that their customers can fully rely on to run their business. For example, Freshsales is CRM, an application from Freshworks, and the company offers other modules that do everything from support and analytics to project management and collaboration.

HubSpot - You want a strong marketing application with features from CRM.

If this is the case, HubSpot is an excellent marketing automation application for small and medium-sized businesses with the functionality of CRM. We recommend it to customers who have marketing managers in leading roles with good internal marketing resources to use it. If you do not have a marketing department or at least one marketing officer, this is probably not the best option for you.

Insightly - You want an accessible CRM system with an intuitive user interface.

Over the past few years, Insightly's popularity has increased thanks to the easy to use and affordable features of CRM. For me, Insightly is a reliable working product CRM, which offers a similar set of features to its competitors. It doesn't have a set of applications like Freshworks or Zoho, but the company has recently introduced marketing automation into its product range and I know a number of their customers who like Insightly's unique user interface.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Exit Microsoft.

If a customer tells me that they only buy from Microsoft, it will always be my first recommendation. Because it makes sense to insert the CRM application that Microsoft created into your existing Microsoft environment, especially if you want to use Office, Outlook, and other Microsoft tools in your business. 

Nimble - You want Microsoft, but you can't afford Microsoft.

The price of the Dynamics 365 may be too high, as for small companies. Then welcome to Nimble. Nimble works great using social media and communications. But its strongest (and most recent) advantage is that it is a simpler and more user-friendly solution for small (up to 10 users) companies that need a Microsoft-centric solution because it is currently the only CRM small business application that is sold through the Microsoft partner channel, except for the existing CRM offerings that are designed for larger companies.

Pipedrive - You need a sales tool.

Pipedrive is an anti-package CRM. Instead of trying to please everyone, this application really helps sellers to make more deals. There is no accounting, no marketing automation, no project management or support service. It's just sales. It has excellent sales and lead management capabilities, as well as powerful reporting tools that are well suited for customers who need a modern sales automation tool to help them increase revenues.

PipelineDeals - You need a sales tool, but you do not like Pipedrive.

See Pipedrive. But if there's anything you don't like about it, this application, like its close competitor, is also focused on managing sales funnels. Like Pipedrive, it integrates with many other cloud applications, includes self-configurable workflows and tools for developers to create more specialized processes.

Salesforce - You don't want to get fired.

Salesforce is a BMW on CRM. Salesforce has a huge community of loyal fans, integration with almost all applications, better brand recognition - you are unlikely to be criticized for his choice. Except you don't need all its features. Because that's the catch: Salesforce can be expensive. But if you're ready for higher monthly payments, consulting, and development costs, so  Salesforce you can achieve everything you need.

Zendesk - You want a service application with the functions of CRM.

Some CRM systems are marketing applications with the functions of CRM. Some of them are applications for direct sales. In essence, Zendesk is an excellent application for managing services. This means managing tickets, queues, problems, requests and other factors that affect customer service. But besides that, Zendesk also started turning into CRM after the recent purchase of BaseCRM. So, if you want a great customer service application with the capabilities of CRM, then it's worth considering.

Zoho - You like Salesforce, but you can't afford it. In addition, you have a small company that is unlikely to use 80% of Salesforce features. In addition, you would like to expand your CRM system to include accounting, project management, human resources, and other business functions, and you would like to do it all on one platform if possible. Zoho is the best option after Salesforce, I always recommend it to small companies who want Salesforce capabilities but do not want to pay for Salesforce. Also a huge advantage is that Zoho has a whole set of other business applications in one package. And here you can read another interesting rating CRM: https://www. crmoz .com/blogs/post/zoho-best-crm-2019

I did not touch many other great CRM's here - mainly because there are many and our goal was to show the top ten leaders according to 360Quadrants. Also, I would advise not to focus too much on software. These applications compete with each other and quickly complement the features. It's better to spend more time exploring the company, its partners, and the community. Ultimately, these are the factors that will determine whether or not you will succeed with your CRM.

Source: Forbes