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BigCommerce For ZOHO CRM

A handy widget for synchronizing orders from Big commerce online store. This application allows you to transfer the list of orders with all detailed information from Big Commerce to your CRM system without unnecessary settings and with minimal time consumption, and then process them in any convenient way.
The widget supports several stores simultaneously, so you won't miss a single order. Frequent automatic synchronization with the online store will save you from constant manual updates.
Bigcommerce sync with Zoho CRM

Key Features

- Automatic creation of sales order, customer and product in ZOHO CRM for each order from Big commerce;
- You will be able to sync with multiple stores at the same time without using many restrictions API;
- Synchronization history with Big commerce stores will allow you to track the progress of order loading;
- Reminding you of missed orders will help you work more efficiently with your customers.