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Email delivery automation in Zoho CRM for Loan Company

11.05.23 12:16 PM By Bohdana
zoho crm email delivery automation

Executive Summary

CRMOZ has helped loan and morgage company to automate the process of email delivery with the set of restrictions and conditionals


Client's business is related to home loans and mortgages. During the process of sale funnel customers are provided with additional information about loans available and necessary tips that can support during property purchase. Client request was to automate the process of email delivery that is based on purchase information and stages that loan passes.

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The Challenge

The Initial client request was about fully automated email deliveries for customers and referral partners. But during the development process, the client came up with the set of restrictions and conditionals that assist email deliveries. Also, clients requested additional functionality related to manual email sending for managers and referral partners.

Implementation & results

  • Our solution consisted of two parts , front-end widget embedded in ZohoCRM and back-end part for data processing. We primarily understood that widget should be created as SPA to remove reloading during changing of pages. Also we knew that sending several emails from stages will create a bunch of requests for back-end. Therefore we needed logic for checking conditional on the front-end side. 
  • The perfect technology to solve these issues is Vue.js . It can help in fast creation of SPA. It can easily handle lots of conditional due to incorporated logic inside of components. And also Vue.js applications could be easily supported in the future due to permanent updates of the framework. 
  • Our match for back-end part is Laravel. We developed a complicated scheduling system for emails that could handle all rules provided by our client. We connected Laravel to ZohoCRM with use of PHP SDK which significantly increases speed of data retrieval.
  • Pre-development analysis of client's request hugely assisted us on selecting correct technologies for implementation of client's needs.
  • With use of Vue.js for widget development and Laravel for email scheduling and data processing our solution could scale and emerge with client's business. Application of the aforementioned technologies will help in futher system development and support of the project after the finish of active development stage.

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