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ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration

Zoho One implementation & integration for Design Company

18.11.22 09:09 PM By Bohdana

Executive Summary

The client is engaged in 3D graphics in three commercial areas: architecture, gaming, and film production. It has many employees around the world and is expanding rapidly. At the start of our cooperation, the company had more than 50 full-time employees. Our client switched to the ZOHO ONE after a bad experience with Jira.


The client understood his business needs from the very beginning but needed high-quality advice and competent construction of his operations within ZOHO products.
The top priority areas were:
  • SaaS CRM that was highly customizable to meet their specific demands;
  • Project Tracking;
  • Own application for the control of human resources;
  • Accounting for finances;
  • Synchronization with Click Up.
After a long, mutually beneficial process of setting up ZOHO products, we got to one of the most interesting parts of our cooperation: the synchronization of ZOHO CRM with Click Up. We have created and worked out a detailed plan for organizing synchronization between these two applications. The client approved our plan, and extremely clear deadlines for the project were set.

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The Challenge

After the initial setup of ZOHO products, the client needed to work simultaneously in two applications: ZOHO CRM and Click Up. The main account for clients, transactions, and sales with purchases was kept in Zoho CRM, and in Click Up, to manage ongoing work projects and attract outside employees. 
It was necessary to set up synchronization between these two applications in such a way that the user could create a deal in ZOHO CRM, move it up the sales pipeline, and, at a certain stage, transfer detailed information about this deal to Click Up.
In Click Up, other users, including freelancers of the company, had to continue working on the project for this deal and, upon completion of all tasks, return the finished product to ZOHO CRM, where internal users could already close the deal.
The main difficulty of this synchronization was that there was no native synchronization between ZOHO CRM and Click Up and we had to use auxiliary tools to configure and create this synchronization.


It was decided to use Zapier and some functions on Deluge to create a working synchronization between ZOHO CRM and Click Up.

To begin with, a workspace was developed and configured in ZOHO CRM, from which the first transaction information was sent to Click Up. Then a workspace in Click Up was developed and configured, which was supposed to take detailed information about the project and transform it into a project.

Following that, connectors for Zoho CRM and Click Up were built in Zapier. On our recommendation and in agreement with the client, an extended subscription in Click Up was selected for the possibility of future business expansion. After completing all the preparatory stages, we proceeded to the implementation of ZOHO CRM and Click Up synchronization. This process took some time, during which the client had additional wishes for the project.

After finishing setting up synchronization between the two applications, the project moved into the testing phase, before which we additionally implemented the early wishes of the client. This process slightly extended the project timeline, but the client was satisfied.The testing was successful, the product was approved for production with ready-made training instructions for the staff, and the client hired us for long-term technical support.


Thanks to our close cooperation with the client and his partners, we managed to set up a system that allows him to go through all the stages of interaction with the customer using two applications and an almost unlimited number of full-time and freelance employees.
Our client has the ability to monitor and influence any stage of the transaction, as well as transform it into a project of any complexity.
During the project, we actively interacted with Click Up representatives and partners of the client, with whom we actively exchanged experience.
The described long-term project served as the foundation for a long and close future collaboration.