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ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration

Zoho integration for an Event Management Company

18.11.22 07:49 PM By Bohdana

Executive Summary

The Client is an event company that organizes a wide variety of teambuilding and other events, consults them, and collaborates with a large number of suppliers. They use a Zoho One subscription and have 17 users in it.


The Customer already used Zoho One for some time, their main goal was to automate the work of their employees as much as possible to exclude the possibility of a human mistake. The logic of these automatons. The integrations were too complicated for realization through the default instrument of Zoho Apps and required a lot of customizations, which is why the Customer was looking for a qualified Zoho Partner.

CRMOZ agency has a lot of experience with all kinds of integration with different third-party services, the building of custom widgets, and the implementation of non-standard requests.

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The Challenge

CRMOZ agency was trusted to solve a lot of issues that Customer faced with setting up Zoho Apps in accordance with their demands. They already used Zoho CRM and Zoho Books in their sales pipeline, and they also have a WordPress website, so all those entities have to be included in the sales process and be correctly integrated, so Customer can be sure that all leads and potential income are properly handled. Quote creation in this business needs to be highly flexible and include many steps, so the creation of a suitable tool was also required. To improve the experience of users who will work with Zoho CRM daily and reduce the time for document processing, The Customer wanted to change the appearance and functionality of the records in the CRM module.

According to the specific nature of the Customer’s business, the system users needed highly customized tools for the creation of such entities as Quote, Order, and Invoice, as well as a tool for calculating the distance and time between event locations.


The implementation included several increments, divided by type and purpose. CRMOZ team includes developers with experience in different spheres that allows us effectively work on projects like this.
Custom widgets for Zoho CRM:
  • Multi-step widget for creation of Quote from the Deal record. This widget's logic includes not only the creation of a new record but also the generation of a PDF file containing a business offer for the client, email generation and sending, and an analog of Zoho Sign. All functionality in one place.
  • Timeline widget: a graphic interactive widget that displays the record's status, with all statuses pictured on a line so the user can see how long the record was in each status and what status needs to be applied to the record during the process. Users can change the status just by clicking on its name.
  • With the saved history of these changes, change the vendor widget.
  • Zoho CRM - Zoho Books provide real-time, two-sided sync for Invoices and credit notes.
  • Google Maps is another custom widget that uses the Google API to calculate distance and time between two locations.
To implement the synchronization of the data between WordPress and WooCommerce CRMOZ created a widget using the PHP programming language and WordPress standard libraries.


CRMOZ successfully implemented all integrations and Customer requirements, which helped them improve their clients' processing procedures. CRMOZ provides not only technical services for the realization of Customer’s ideas but also consulting help with advising on the most suitable solutions and searching for the proper technologies for each case.