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Building a Secure Risk Analysis Platform for Shopify cusomers

11.05.23 02:40 PM By Bohdana
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Executive Summary

CRMOZ business analytics helped a coffee manufactory company to analyze their business by creating detailed custom dashboards in Zoho Analytics


The commercial organisation provides risk analysis services for various online business platforms. In real time, there are dashboards for security and privacy gaps, while continuously monitoring the internal and external risks of the business. The customer can only access the purchased items (security analysis reports and dashboards) through the Shopify login page, using the personal credentials. High process security is required.

The Challenge

There are many sources of data used as a basis for risk analysis. This data needs to be structured and filtered for the correct reporting in real-time mode. The specific UI is preferred for the display of the dashboards and the customer's request for different activities.  In addition, the single sign-in and sign-out processes need to be implemented. As for the customer, they only can use the login form in Shopify, and the redirection to the personal app will be done automatically to preview the personalized reports and dashboards.


After gathering the technical requirements and the UI design template, the following stack was proposed for development:
1. PHP
2. Laravel
3. Vue 3
4. Tailwind CSS
SAML was used to implement the single sign-in and sign-out processes. The MiniOrange app for Shopify was also activated for this task.

Besides, the database was built for storing customers' data (personal data, purchase history, and so on). The admin panel was developed fo the managing of expiration data to access the app and levels of permissions setting up.


Our customer has got a platform for their customers convenient access. This service has many advantages (easy to maintain, simple to access, clear UI/UX and many others). New reports and dashboards can be easily added and improved because of the system's flexibility. All these benefits helped to involve the corporate customers and extend the network of the users from different corners of the country. 

Zoho customization

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