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Zoho Creator app development for Financial Company

18.11.22 10:02 PM By Bohdana

Executive Summary

Our client's company is a financial analysis and risk investigation company that has more than 20 years of experience and an excellent reputation with its customers. A special application development project appeared as an urgent need for such purposes at one of the stages of their business growth.


Our client had the following specific requirements for this application: 
  1. It must be a low-code or no-code platform. 
  2. Single sign-on implementation using SAML (E-commerce-Application SSO) 
  3. A high level of security.
  4. Detailed control over customer activity.
  5. Various third-party service integrations.
So during the first call, there was a proposal to start with the discovery stage to get the following:
  1. Product requirements Document 
  2. Stack for the development phase.
  3. The scheme for architectural decisions.

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The Challenge

Our client uses an e-commerce site as a trading platform for their products. So it must be the beginning step for their customer experience. There is only one registration or login required at the e-commerce platform, which allows access to the application without any additional login steps. There must be a personal cabinet with the data for this customer.

All of this information must be calculated and uploaded from various external services. One of the priorities is the highest level of protection. 


From the very beginning, there was a decision to use Zoho Creator and its add-on Customers Portal. 
The Customer Portal enables the application to be configured for multiple users. There is a possibility of building it with different levels of permissions and data access. From the user's point of view, it looks like a personal cabinet. Customer Portal might have a custom domain name, which was important for our client. There was also a requirement to set up different email notifications for the customers. So Zoho Creators' email client was also very suitable for such purposes.
Besides, SAML technology is available for the Zoho Creator Ultimate Tariff plan. On the other hand, Zoho Creator is good for different external service integrations. Some of the specific calculations were handled using the server's Zoho Creator connection. Such an opportunity makes the usage of Zoho Creator more flexible in this project.


The final deliverable for our client was a fully developed system for the production stage. There were a few changes implemented during the testing stage in terms of the user interface. However, the functionality and customer's usage tests showed a high level of efficiency for our client's business. As of now, this system is used in production. Our company supports this system in some of the maintenance steps