ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration

7 Data Security Functions You Have To Turn On in Zoho Apps!

13.07.23 02:04 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)

In today's digital landscape, ensuring the security of your business data is of paramount importance. Zoho, a leading cloud-based business software suite, provides a range of robust security functions to safeguard your sensitive information. By activating these essential security features, you can f...

How to download and install Zoho for Windows, Mac or Linux?

26.06.23 03:18 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
If you're not familiar with Zoho, it's a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity apps designed to help you streamline your business and personal tasks. But did you know that you can also download and install some of these apps directly on your desktop?

Zia AI in Zoho CRM - Artificial Intelligence Business Optimization

19.06.23 06:44 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
Zia is Zoho's AI assistant that optimizes your CRM data through data mining and machine learning to deliver key business information such as sales predictions, recommendations, alerts, data enrichment, voice of the customer insights from various channels, anomalies, forecasting, conve...

Best telephony for Zoho

18.05.23 12:26 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
There's a lot of options of telephony providers for Zoho so we will walk you through a detailed comparison of the most popular telephony providers for Zoho: Twilio, Zadarma, Ring Central, Zoho Voice, Binotel, and Ringostat.

Quote Widget in Zoho CRM

11.05.23 12:51 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
CRMOZ has to create a custom Quote Widget for teambuilding and event compeny starting from creation based on the order and ending with sending a completed Quote to a customer.

Email delivery automation in Zoho CRM

11.05.23 12:16 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
CRMOZ has helped loan and morgage company to automate the process of email delivery with the set of restrictions and conditions

Zoho For ecommerce

24.10.22 02:23 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
When it comes to eCommerce, automation is important. In this article, we'll tell you what applications are available to improve your eCommerce business.

CRM for operational logistics

13.03.22 12:41 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)

Zoho CRM provides a wealth of customisation and automation options. This is both an undeniable advantage in terms of business scalability and, at the same time, a disadvantage in that it increases the time required for customisation.

Excellent opportunities for fast...

Zoho CRM Canvas - the best thing that ever happened to you

28.01.22 12:29 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Flexible customisation of the user interface Zoho CRM

Zoho ONE 21 - new interface and new applications

21.10.21 02:07 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Zoho One 21 - big update and new applications