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ZOHO for business
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Zoho Mail: Free mail for your own domain

09.02.22 03:16 PM from Alexander - Comment

Zoho Mail is the ideal solution for sole traders or small start-ups for whom it is critical to minimise costs during the start-up phase of their business.

In fact Zoho Mail is one part of the Zoho Workplace package, which additionally includes a calendar, comms tools...

Buy a domain for Zoho Mail - Free corporate mail for a domain.

28.05.19 02:04 PM from Olga - Commentary
               Free mail for the domain just recently was not a problem for anyone, but now, to find a decent provider of business mail - very difficult task.

ZOHO Mail new features  

15.11.18 10:29 AM by Alexander - Commentary
Last Zoho Mail update for November 2018