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Currency Exchange Rate Updater for ZOHO CRM .

The . Currency Updater Sends data from predefined financial sources to Zoho CRM exchange rate module.

The works with sources and schedules selected by a user.

Once you want to add another source of currency exchange rates please set the and send us a request within it. 

Key Features:
 - Updates currency exchange rates at Zoho .CRM
 - User can select data from different sources
 - The customer can schedule rate hourly or daily for certain time or period
 - If you need automatic corrections of currency rates you can predefine them as well

3 easy steps to set up Currency Updater for Zoho CRM Extension:

1.Install the App. Specify your Zoho CRM token (OAuth).

2. Set Zoho and Currency Updater settings

3. Sync chosen data to your Zoho .CRM

You can use this:

- to analyse history of currency rates;

- to update data at your CRM;

- to correct currency rate on the fly; correct currency rate on the fly; correct currency rate on the fly;

- and so on;  

Feel free to contact us by skype: crmoz or by the chat on or website: crmoz.com

Install Currency Updater for Zoho

Currency Exchange Rates Updater for ZOHO CRM FAQ

  • How can I add new currency rate sources?
    Just contact us.