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Currency Exchange Rate Updater for Zoho CRM

Currency Exchange Rate Updater for ZOHO CRM extension


  • Updates currency exchange rates in Zoho CRM
  • The user can download information from different resources
  • The user can plan the exchange rate by the hour, by the day or by a specific period of time
  • If you need automatic exchange rate adjustments, you can also set them up in advance.

3 simple steps to set up the currency update module 

  1. Install and authorize in the ZohoCRM (OAuth) extension
  2. Enable multi currencies in CRM settings and choose available source for your currencies
  3. Set the update schedule and you're all set!

You can use this extension to:

- analyse the history of exchange rates;
- update the data in your CRM;
- to adjust the exchange rate on the fly;
- and so on;


  1. To get started please click on the button "CRM Settings" and enable multi currencies
  2. To get the currencies updated firstly choose the source and set the schedule
  3. "Correction type" means standard manual increasing or decreasing the rate of your currencies, most of the companies using that to expose the rate a bit higher to let it be similar to commercial rate
  4. You have 3 requests for "Refresh rates now" because of API limits, so use it responsibly
  5. "Send new source request" will send to developers team the link you entered to add this source of currency rates to your Extension, please make sure that the source has a free API