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Google Routes For Zoho CRM extension

Extension Google Routes to Zoho CRM is an application that allows you to use the widget from Google Map API in Zoho modules CRM. It allows you to create location markers and build routes directly in the default records of these modules - Leads, Contacts, Counterparties, Deals, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders (you cannot use this widget for custom modules). The flexibility of customization allows you to display fields according to your requirements. The extension setup process requires creating a API key in Google Cloud Console and enabling a payment account.


  • Adding a recording location marker to the map
  • Building routes on a map using a sub-form with addresses
  • Activate workflow/approval when address is saved
  • Customisable field mapping for more flexible use of the extension
  • Setting up a marker on a map and filling in address information 

3 easy steps to set up the extension Google Routes For Zoho CRM:

  1. Install the application. Enter your Zoho token CRM (OAuth).
  2. Synchronise selected data with Zoho CRM
  3. Set the Zoho extension settings and Google Routes

Use the extension to:

  • map locations
  • find a location by address
  • gain a foothold in your CRM
  • and so on; 

How do I install the extension?