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Google Sheets Sync for ZOHO extension

Need to integrate Zoho CRM with Google Sheets? Send your leads, contacts or any other information to Zoho CRM with a few clicks! The extension works with user-selected modules Zoho CRM .

Google Sheets integration with Zoho CRM

Setting up an extension

1.Install the extension. Specify the access token Zoho CRM .
2.Create and add a Google Sheets service account
3. Add a link to Google Spreadsheets
4. Sync leads from Google Sheets with Zoho CRM .


- Maps all customizable fields in Google Spreadsheets.
- Supports campaign synchronization
- Supports scheduled synchronization
- Synchronizes up to a hundred leads per API request

How to synchronize data from Google Sheets to CRM:
  1. Specify token- https://accounts.zoho.com/apiauthtoken/create?SCOPE=ZohoCRM%2Fcrmapi&DISPLAY_NAME=googlesheets.
  2. Create a Google service account and upload it to the extension settings:
- Create a new project.
- Tap Enable API. Locate and enable the Google Drive API.
- Create credentials for the web server to access the application data.
- Name the service account and assign it the Project Editor role.
- Load JSON
3. Load JSON in the Settings, Google Sheets Service Account field.
4. To start the download, follow the Goggle Sheets link (Note! Open Google Sheet access - anyone with a link can access it), then click "Next".
5. Select the name of the sheet.
6. Select the name of the module into which the data will be loaded.
7. Match the import fields of the Google table with the data in Zoho CRM .
8. Select the Download Now or Add to Job Scheduler option to download schedule data.
9. Save the settings. All data will be saved in the selected module

Google Sheets Sync for ZOHO FAQ