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PostgreSQL Easy Sync for ZOHO CRM extension

The PostgreSQL extensionEasy Sync sends data from the Zoho modules CRM to the database tables PostgreSql. The extension works with user-selected Zoho modules CRM.

The first synchronization creates tables and imports all data into the user database PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL Easy Sync synchronizes created or modified module entries, so you have an online backup copy of CRM data in the PostgreSQL database .

The extension gives you the ability to schedule a synchronization or synchronize your data now. If you are afraid of losing information and your customer base, you can back up all the information in your database PostgreSQL. The extension gives you the ability to synchronize information from each module CRM, so all your data will be duplicated on your server. The PostgreSQL database creates tables for each module CRM, and you can easily find the information you need.

Key features:

  • Automatically creates the metadata structure PostgreSQL and keeps the data up to date.
  • Saves the query API, sending up to 100 records CRM to the query API.
  • Plans to synchronize Zoho CRM module data with the customer's PostgreSQL database.

Extension Setup:

  1. Install the application. Enter your Zoho token CRM (OAuth).
  2. Set the Zoho settings and PostgreSql
  3. Synchronize selected data with your database


  • to back up your data;
  • analyse your data CRM;
  • for transferring data to another location in case of integration;
  • and so on;

PostgreSQL Easy Sync for ZOHO FAQ