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Quote to Project Extension for Zoho CRM

This rather simple extension CRM can make life a lot easier. The Quote to Project (Q2P) extension converts a sentence (from the Quotes module in Zoho CRM) into a new project in the Zoho Projects application with the click of a button. That's it.
Once a client has accepted your offer, you no longer need to create a new project manually. It's just one click. We use the solution in our daily work and believe that Q2P can be useful for every project-oriented company.

Key Features

  • Creates a project in Zoho Projects
  • Names the project by the Quote Subject field Zoho CRM
  • Creates a task list in Zoho Project by the task list in Zoho CRM Quote
  • Transfers the subject description to the task description
  • Save request API with batch transmission

Setting up an extension

1. Install the application. Specify your Zoho CRM token (OAuth)
2. Set the Zoho project token (OAuth)
3. Select the portal name Zoho Project.


  • Saving your time on routine tasks;
  • reduce the number of human errors;

Quote to Project for ZOHO FAQ

How can I get a API ZOHO token?
Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: https://www.zoho.com/accounts/protocol/oauth.html