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Quote to Project Extension for Zoho CRM

It is quite simple CRM extension can make one's life much easier.

The Quote to Project (Q2P) extension converts a Quote (from Quotes Module of Zoho CRM ) to a new project in Zoho Projects application by clicking a button. That's it.

Once a customer accepted your quote you do not need to create a new project by hands anymore. Just one click. We use the solution in every day work, and we believe that Q2P may be useful for every project-oriented company.

Key Features

-Creates a project in Zoho Projects 
-Names the project by Subject field of the quote of Zoho CRM
-Creates a list of tasks in Zoho Project according to the list of items in Zoho CRM Quote
-Transfers description of an item to the description of a task
-Save API request by using batch transfer

3 easy steps to set up Q2P for Zoho CRM Extension:

1.Install the App. Specify your Zoho CRM token (OAuth)

2. set Zoho Project token (OAuth)

3. Choose the Zoho Project Portal name

You can use this extension

- to save your time for routine jobs;

- to reduce human error count;


Feel free to contact us by skype: crmoz or by chat on or website: crmoz.com

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