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TurboSMS Sender for Zoho CRM

Extension TurboSMS Sender integrates service TurboSMS and Zoho modules CRM. This extension works with standard Zoho modules CRM: Contacts and Leads. Extension TurboSMS Sender sends SMS-messages to Lead or Contact's cell phone Module Actions can be used to send SMS to Lead or Contact. The Campaigns module can be used to send multiple SMS-messages.

SMS sender to Zoho CRM extension

4 easy steps to set up the TurboSMS Sender extension for Zoho CRM:

1. Install the extension.
2. Enter the access token Zoho CRM .
3. configure the Turbo SMS settings.
4. Select the Task module if you want to send a message to one Leader/Contact and Campaigns if you want to send a message to multiple Leads/Contacts.
SMS sender for Zoho CRM

Steps for sending a message to multiple Leeds/Contacts:

1. Fill in your settings and your Turbo account information at SMS and save. Now you are ready to send your message.
2. Open module campaigns.
3. Create a new campaign.
4. In the "Campaign name" field, add the text of your SMS-message.
5. Select Sender Turbo SMS.
6. Save the campaign.
7. Open a saved Campaign, select Leads/Contacts from the list.
8. Add potential clients and/or contacts to the campaign.
9. Press the "Change" button.
10. Set the status of the Campaign as Active.
11. You can send messages now or specify a date and time in the TurboSMS Sender start time field.
12. Save the campaign.

Turbo SMS for ZOHO FAQ

How can I obtain ZOHO Token API?
Open https://accounts. zoho .com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: .com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: https://www. zoho .com/accounts/protocol/oauth.html

Message status and description

  • Waiting for processing - the message has not yet been processed.
  • Sent to service - Message sent to service TurboSMS (temporarily).
  • Waiting to send - the message is queued up to be sent (temporarily).
  • Sent (result received) - Message sent, but result not yet known (temporary).
  • Service error - Request was not sent to TurboSMS (e.g. wrong data to log in to SMS-gateway, request error API , etc.) (end).
  • Successfully sent - message delivered to customer (final).
  • Failed to send - The message has been sent but an error has occurred (e.g.: rejected by operator, message sending has been cancelled by user or administrator, etc.) (end).
  • Message status verification error. An error occurred while checking the message status (e.g. wrong data to log in to SMS-gateway, API request error, etc.) (end).
  • Insufficient funds - There are not enough credits on your balance to send messages (check balance in main menu) (end).

A status update usually takes between 2 and 10 minutes.