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Wepster Extension for ZOHO CRM

The Wepster extension for Zoho CRM is the easiest way to keep in touch with your customers using messaging apps such as Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger and VK. This extension will help the user Zoho CRM quickly process new messages from new and old customers right inside Zoho CRM .
The extension uses an instant messaging tool called Wepster to handle all incoming and outgoing messages. Accordingly, you must have an active Wepster.com web service account.
Facebook messenger, Telegram, Viber integration with Zoho CRM

How does it work?

Each first message of a new client creates a record in the "Contacts" module Zoho CRM if the record does not exist.
As soon as the client initiates a new dialog, a new task (with a reminder) will be created in the action module Zoho CRM . Thus, the user will not miss a new message.
You don't need to log out of Zoho CRM to save a chat with a contact. Wepster's graphical interface built into the contact view CRM. You don't need to switch between a stack of windows or web tabs to find the conversation in the current context.

Key Features

  • Instant messaging tool built into the contact view
  • Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger, VK and others supported by Wepster web service
  • Creates a new contact for a message from an unknown client
  • Reminds you of a new incoming dialog by creating a new task with a reminder

Setting up an extension

1.Install the app. Enter your token Zoho CRM .
2. Enter your Wepster token
3. communicate!


  • communicate with customers;
  • Create new contacts from messages;
  • to serve your customers;
  • and so on;

Wepster for ZOHO FAQ

How can I obtain ZOHO API Token?
Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in.