ZOHO Partner
ZOHO Partner
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration
  • A complete serverless application development platform

Orchestration and calculation

Use basic or complex I/O functions to perform operations such as input and output, calculations, HTTP operations, routing, streaming, and big data processing. Utilize cron functions and use Catalyst to integrate other Zoho tools

Zoho Catalyst
Data orchestration

Data management

Save and retrieve huge amounts of information (photos, videos, documents and more) quickly. Speed up your applications and services with backend caching and be confident that all data is secure

Useful solutions

Implement smart solutions to significantly save you time. Scan and digitise paper documents or images, identify faces in photos, use image moderation, scan barcodes, make predictions and solve complex data processing problems

Zoho Catalyst free trial
Rest API Zoho catalyst

Lots of possibilities

Create, maintain and publish REST APIs from your HTTP functions, provide user registration and authentication for your applications with a single line of code, diagnose application performance and stay ahead of the competition, and utilize many other useful features of Zoho Catalyst