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Cell Phone Voice Recordings in Zoho CRM!

ACR Phone is a phone app Android to record voice calls with additional features such as blacklisting, cloud uploading, call logging and more.

Use the phone number ACR for Zoho CRM to create leads and contacts with an attached voice record immediately after completing a phone call. Works with the standard Zoho CRM "Leads" and/or "Contacts" modules.

For security purposes, the process of setting up the extension requires setting up a web interceptor and a secret token at the end of the ACR Phone mobile app.

Please note: The ACR Phone app is only available for Android. If your version of Android is below v.10 and/or you have problems using this application, we recommend you to install this official patch: https://nllapps.com/download/cb/cb.apk
Key features:
  • Create new leads from incoming and outgoing calls with an attached voice recording
  • Attach new voice recordings to existing interests or contacts at Zoho CRM .
  • Initiate workflow/schemes/approval to create a new potential customer or contact
  • Creating calls in the "Activity" module in CRM

ACR for Zoho CRM Extension FAQ

  • How to install ZOHO API Token?
    Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: https://www.zoho.com/accounts/protocol/oauth.html

  • Why can't I install the webhook and secret in the app ACR?
    These features are only included in the paid Pro version ACR.
  • Where can I find the webhook settings for the app ACR?
    Open the ACR application on your smartphone. Click in the left corner to open the menu, then select Settings\Cloud Services\WebHook. Set to "Enabled". Set "Server address". Set "Secret". Click "Check connection".