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Mobile Phone Voice Recordings in Zoho CRM!

The ACR Phone for Zoho CRM extension connects Zoho CRM and ACR Phone mobile call recorder by NLL APPS  to save voice records to the Leads/Contact module  in Zoho CRM.

The extension works with the standard Zoho CRM modules "Leads" or/and "Contacts".

The extension setup process requires setting up a web-hook and secret token, for security purposes.

Install ACR Phone for Zoho CRM
Mobile ACR extension for Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM to mobile ACR connector

4 easy steps to set up ACR Phone for Zoho CRM Extension:

1.  Install the App. Specify your Zoho CRM token.

2.  Download and setup ACR Phone by NLL APP from Google Playmarket to your smartphone.

3.  Set secret word to ACR Phone on your smartphone. This word can be taken from ACR Phone for Zoho CRM Extension.

4.  Set web-hook to ACR Phone on your smartphone. The web-hook can be taken from ACR Phone for Zoho CRM Extension

Make a call to test how it works!

In several minutes new voice recordings of you mobile  will be attached to CRM leads or contacts!

We are always ready to help you to setup our Zoho CRM extensions.

Feel free to contact us email[email protected]

ACR for Zoho CRM Extension FAQ

  • How can I obtain ZOHO API Token?
    Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: https://www.zoho.com/accounts/protocol/oauth.html

  • Why I can not set web-hook and secret in the ACR Phone app?
    Only paid Pro version of ACR have these features enabled.
  • Where can I find web-hook settings for ACR Phone app?
    Open ACR app on your smartphone. Click left corner to open the menu then select Settings\Cloud Services\ WebHook. Set "Enabled". Set "Server address". Set "Secret". Click "Test connection".