ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration

Where and How to Get Leads Using Zoho Tools

25.09.23 07:05 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)

In today's competitive business landscape, generating high-quality leads is crucial for the growth and success of any organization. Zoho, a comprehensive suite of business applications, offers a range of powerful tools to help businesses capture, nurture, and convert leads effectively. In this artic...

7 Data Security Functions You Have To Turn On in Zoho Apps!

13.07.23 02:04 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)

In today's digital landscape, ensuring the security of your business data is of paramount importance. Zoho, a leading cloud-based business software suite, provides a range of robust security functions to safeguard your sensitive information. By activating these essential security features, you can f...

Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys in Zoho apps!

02.07.23 04:23 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
In today's fast-paced digital era, mastering shortcut keys can significantly streamline your workflow and enhance your Zoho experience. Whether you're a seasoned Zoho user or just starting out, understanding the power of shortcut keys can save you valuable time and effort.

How to download and install Zoho for Windows, Mac or Linux?

26.06.23 03:18 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
If you're not familiar with Zoho, it's a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity apps designed to help you streamline your business and personal tasks. But did you know that you can also download and install some of these apps directly on your desktop?

Zoho For ecommerce

24.10.22 02:23 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
When it comes to eCommerce, automation is important. In this article, we'll tell you what applications are available to improve your eCommerce business.

Zoho vs. Odoo

06.09.22 07:01 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
If you are in the process of searching CRM, this comparison of Zoho CRM and Odoo CRM may help you narrow down that choice.

ZOHO for marketing

17.06.22 02:08 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
Frustrated that you don't know where your leads are coming from? Trying to keep track of your marketing channels? Need a better way to engage with leads? All of these problems can be solved with apps Zoho

What is Zoho DataPrep?

11.05.22 04:37 PM By Deineka - Comment(s)
What is Zoho DataPrep, its main functions and advantages. Preparing and cleaning data for analysis

Working with widgets in Zoho Analytics

20.04.22 12:59 PM By Deineka - Comment(s)
In this article, we'll share tips that can help you when creating widgets in Dashboards Zoho Analytics.

Export to Workspace Zoho Analytics

22.03.22 11:18 AM By Deineka - Comment(s)
How to export graphs, queries and tables from one Workspace to another