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ZOHO CRM : Email & Phone Checker Extension

The Phone&Email Checker extension automatically verifies the authenticity of phone numbers and email addresses. The extension works with the standard Zoho CRM modules: Contacts and Leads. The Phone&Email Checker extension validates leads that are new, or those that have been created or modified during that day.
The extension checks the phone numbers of New Leads and Contacts, placed in fields "Phone" and "Mobile". The result of verification is displayed in the fields "Phone Status" and "Mobile Status".

Key Features:

- · Phone number validation for correct format

- · Email validation for correct spelling

- · Phone number validation for authenticity

- · Email validation for actual existence

- · Updating of Leads/Contacts Phone and Mobile statuses

- · Email validation for not being "one time" or temporary

- · Defines and sets the Country field by phone number

- · Leads/Contacts email status updating


3 easy steps to check phone numbers in Zoho CRM
1.Install the Extension. 
2.Enable verification - The extension works with standard Zoho CRM modules "Contacts" and "Leads". Phone number should be indicated with country code. 
3.Check up to 1000 phone numbers and emails/day - 30 phone numbers and emails for free extension, 1000 phone numbers for paid extension.

Possible statuses for Phone Numbers:
Real - the phone number is real.
Fake - the phone number is not real.
Out of limit - you are out of checks limit. Daily checks limit - 30 phone numbers for free extension, 1000 phone numbers for paid extension.
Unknown - an error occurred in verifying the phone number.

Possible statuses for Email Addresses: 
Safe To Send - good quality email addresses to achieve the best deliverability and increase your email open rates
Real - the address is real, 
Fake - the address is not real or registered on the temporary email service.
Unknown - Sometimes the receiving mail server responds very slowly or may temporarily be unable to process requests. In most cases, such emails can be re-verified after 5 to 10 minutes.
Out of limit - you are out of checks limit. Daily checks limit - 30 emails for free extension, 1000 emails for paid.

Install Phone Email Checker

Zoho Email & Phone Checker FAQ