ZOHO for business
ZOHO for business
ZOHO applications: implementation, training and integration

CRM for operational logistics

13.03.22 12:41 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)

Zoho CRM provides a wealth of customisation and automation options. This is both an undeniable advantage in terms of business scalability and, at the same time, a disadvantage in that it increases the time required for customisation.

Excellent opportunities for fast...

Copying Zoho Analytics Workspace with Postman

23.02.22 04:22 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)
How to copy meta-data (reports, queries, and dashboards) from one Zoho Analytics account to another one

Zoho Mail: Free mail for your own domain

09.02.22 03:16 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)

Zoho Mail - The ideal solution for sole proprietors or small start-ups, for which it is critical to minimize costs at the start-up stage of the business.

Actually Zoho Mail is one of the components of the package Zoho Workplace, which additionally includes a calendar, comment tools...

Zoho CRM Canvas - the best thing that ever happened to you

28.01.22 12:29 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Flexible customisation of the user interface Zoho CRM

Zoho Analytics for experts

12.11.21 02:58 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Video course for those who want to master Zoho Analytics

Zoho ONE 21 - new interface and new applications

21.10.21 02:07 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Zoho One 21 - big update and new applications

Transferring records from MySQL to Zoho CRM

26.07.21 10:05 AM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Two-way data synchronization between mySQL and Zoho CRM

Scoreboard COVID-19 on Zoho Analytics

27.03.20 07:06 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)


Over 150 countries have been infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The world's major companies and brands are not standing by, and we cannot. Recently, Zoho Corp. - a company that creates cloud applications for business - offered everyone a package of free apps to organize...