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ZOHO for business
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Zoho vs. Odoo

06.09.22 07:01 PM By. Bohdana - Comment(s)
If you are in the process of searching CRM, this comparison of Zoho CRM and Odoo CRM may help you narrow down that choice.

Zoho - Best CRM 2019 by PCMag

20.06.19 11:15 AM By Alexander - Comment(s)
Business Choice Award 2019 receives Zoho CRM from PCMag magazine

Zoho Meeting integration - online meetings directly from Zoho CRM

26.11.18 03:22 PM By Olga - Comment(s)

 To conduct business and conclude transactions effectively, you must always be in touch with the leagues, contacts and team. But using CRM and in parallel other applications for calls and online meetings is not quite convenient. Zoho Meeting integration allows you to hold online meetings with the leaders of b. content.

What to consider when choosing CRM?

13.11.18 01:15 PM By Alexander - Comment(s)

In this video I tried to structure the decision making process in favor of a CRM system. By watching this video you will learn the most important points when choosing an automation system for your company. This will allow you to avoid common mistakes, save time and investment.

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