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ZOHO for business
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Comparison of Microsoft Excel, Zoho Analytics and Power BI

13.01.23 08:07 PM from Bohdana - Commentary
In this article, we'll look at some of the pitfalls of Microsoft Excel that you'll encounter if you use it as an analytics tool. We'll also give you an in-depth comparison of Microsoft Excel with Zoho Analytics and Power BI.

What is Zoho DataPrep?

11.05.22 04:37 PM from Deineka - Commentary
What Zoho DataPrep is, its main functions and benefits. Preparing and cleaning data for analysis

Working with widgets in Zoho Analytics

20.04.22 12:59 PM from Deineka - Comment
In this article, we'll share tips that can help you when creating widgets in Dashboards Zoho Analytics .

Export to Workspace Zoho Analytics

22.03.22 11:18 AM from Deineka - Comment
How to export graphs, queries and tables from one Workspace to another

Copying Zoho Analytics Workspace with Postman

23.02.22 04:22 PM from Alexander - Comment
How to copy meta-data (reports, queries, and dashboards) from one Zoho Analytics account to another one

Zoho Analytics for experts

12.11.21 02:58 PM from Alexander - Comment
Video course for those who want to master Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics 5.0 What's New?

20.09.21 09:17 AM from Deineka - Comment
Zoho Analytics 5.0 new functionality

Zoho Analytics. What's new in 2021

15.09.21 04:00 PM from Deineka - Comment
What's New at Zoho Analytics 2021

Scoreboard COVID-19 on Zoho Analytics

27.03.20 07:06 PM by Alexander - Comments


Over 150 countries have been infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The world's major companies and brands are not standing by, and we cannot. Recently, Zoho Corp. - a company that creates cloud applications for business - offered everyone a package of free apps to organize...