ZOHO для бизнеса
ZOHO для бизнеса
Внедрение, обучение, интеграция приложений ZOHO

Migrating from another CRM to the Zoho One

22.11.22 12:57 AM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Migrating from another CRM to the Zoho One for a company with 300+ employees

Moving to Zoho One

22.11.22 12:09 AM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Moving on to Zoho One, utilizing Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Creator.

Woocommerce integration with Zoho Inventory

21.11.22 11:20 PM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Connecting Woocommerce to Zoho Inventory, changing rrimary warehouse and pack reports & open sales order reports

Zoho implementation for electronics manufacturing company

21.11.22 01:40 PM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Configuring Zoho CRM, creating custom modules, adding fields, configuring communication between modules, creating automatization and data migration for American Electronics Manufacturing Company

Financial company app development

18.11.22 10:02 PM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Case study of a special application development project for financial analysis and risk investigation company.

Zoho One implementation and integration

18.11.22 09:09 PM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Zoho-One implementation and integration for company engaged in 3D graphics in three commercial areas: architecture, gaming, and film production.

Zoho integration for event company

18.11.22 07:49 PM от Bohdana - Комментарий
Integrating Zoho for an event company that organizes a wide variety of teambuilding and other events, consults them, and collaborates with a large number of suppliers.